VMP Gen3R Supercharger



Level 2 Kit Fits 2015-2017 F150


VMP Performance’s line of superchargers does not end with just Mustangs. The same tire-shredding performance is available for your Ford F-150 5.0 L truck! With Ford’s switch to an aluminum-bodied F150 in 2015 the 1/2 – ton pickup shed over 700lbs, making it much quicker. Stop-light to stop-light, we guarantee the boost from a VMP Gen3 will surprise the vehicle next to you. On the street, or on the track, there is no replacement for the instant torque VMP’s TVS-based supercharger provides. Click on the video tab to see results from VMP’s own supercharged 2016 F150.   

This kit starts with our latest head-unit, the VMP Gen3R 2.65L TVS. Everything you need to boost your 5.0L V8 truck is included.


Rated at 750 HP and 550 Ft/Lb TQ*

Warrantied components

Complete kit with custom tuning

Easy to install at home in 8-12 hours by following our videos

Maintains stock-like driveability

Expandability – room to grow when you want to upgrade

The VMP Gen3R is the evolution of our original 2.65L design, a new high-flow case design and patent-pending port technology optimizes airflow and horsepower across a wide RPM range. Using Eaton Corp’s 2.65 L rotor-pack, it is one of the most efficient positive-displacement roots style compressors out there. The VMP Gen3R is perfect when you want more performance from your street truck, off-road machine, or bro-dozer. Whatever you choose to use your truck for, the VMP S/C kit will transform the performance of your F-150. In stock form the trucks dyno around 300-325 rear-wheel horsepower, the VMP Gen3 will boost power to 600-650 RWHP and beyond. VMP’s kits are fully upgradeable with larger throttle bodies and smaller pulleys; for when you choose to install supporting mods and desire even more power. Do you tow in the mountains? at 5,000 feet of elevation, 25% of your power is gone, effectively making your truck run like a naturally-aspirated V6. The boost from a VMP TVS supercharger makes up for that loss in air density. If you’ll be living and towing at high altitudes, you can choose to pulley your supercharger down to compensate.


  • VMP 2.65 GEN3R Supercharger
  • 92 mm / 3.5 in supercharger pulley 
  • VMP cold air intake
  • VMP Dual Fan Triple-Pass Heat Exchanger
  • VMP Twinjet69 mm throttle body
  • 56lb Injectors
  • VMP PNP Fuel Pump BoosterA

Additional information

Weight 173.00 lbs
Dimensions 94.50 × 63 × 48.00 in