HKS 4.3L Step Up Engine



Fits 2008+ GTR


(Special Order Part No Canceling Once Ordered 90+ Day Lead Time.) 

“HKS COMPLETE ENGINE POWERED BY HKS –” utilizes all the technologies gained from manufacturing the racing engines through many years.
・HKS uses a new cylinder block and it brings improved reliability as using a pre owned cylinder block usually may have invisible micro damages. This makes accurate engine building very difficult. This is the reason as that defines HKS philosophy for selecting the new cylinder block to build a complete accurate engine.
・Further, careful deburring and chamfering brings improvement of accuracy, also deburring other related parts have done in consideration with the assembling of the head or auxiliary equipment. As a result, this improves the working efficiency
・It is necessary to remove metal powders completely. To do so, we took 3 levels of cleaning to improve the accuracy and help to prevent the engine troubles due to foreign objects.

Removing the blind caps before washing. 1. Wash roughly, 2. Clean with steam 3. Finishing.
・Boring with consideration for distortion caused by dummy head and metal and uses head bolt and gasket designated parts. All done to build the most accurate engine
・Honing and cross hatching have done based on the experience of manufacturing racing engines in the past.

Clearance set to a suitable distance at each part depending on the assuming engine output.
Conrods and pistons selected from the cylinder are installed with maintaining the balance
・The tightening torque, angle, and high end performance are controlled by using high precision measuring tools.

HKS works under regulated ideal environment for engine assembly.

Additional information

Weight 396.83 lbs
Dimensions 40.16 × 37.8 × 36.02 in