Garrett Turbo



G40-900 62mm  500-900HP


• G Series compressor aero increases flow up to 32% (compared to GTX4088R)
• 62mm and 71mm compressor inducer sizes
• Dual ceramic ball bearing with steel cages
• G Series turbine aero increases flow 16% (compared to GTX4088R)
• Inconel turbine wheel with 77mm inducer flows up to 43 lbs/min
• Lightweight aluminum backplate
• Fully machined speed sensor and pressure ports
• Water fittings included with super core
• Stainless steel turbine housings available with V-Band and T4 twin scroll inlet
• T4 turbine housing outlet V-Band dimension (117.4mm | 4.622” OD) is equal to existing GTX42, GTX45 and G42 models

G40-900 Part Number: 860777-5003S

WARNING: Maximum allowable turbocharger speed is 125krpm. The use of this product above max turbocharger speed is at the owner’s risk, and can result in damage and premature failure. To protect the turbocharger from overspeed when operating, a speed sensor can be installed into the compressor housing to monitor shaft speed. Sensors sold separately.

Performance results of this product are highly dependent upon your vehicle’s modifications and tuning/calibration. The horsepower numbers represented above are calculated based strictly on choke flow of the compressor map (total turbo capability), which represents the potential flywheel horsepower.

G40-900 Compressor Turbine
Inducer Exducer Trim A/R Inducer Exducer Trim
HP: 500-900              Disp: 2.0L-6.0L 62mm 88mm 51 0.80 77mm 70mm 84
Supercore PN
Standard Rotation 860777-5003S
Turbine Kits: G40 PN A/R Inlet Outlet Wastegate Divided
Interchangeable with G40-900
| G40-1150 Supercores
757707-0027 0.85 V-Band V-Band Free Float N
757707-0028 0.95 V-Band V-Band Free Float N
757707-0029 1.06 V-Band V-Band Free Float N
757707-0030 1.19 V-Band V-Band Free Float N
757707-0032 0.85 T4 V-Band Free Float Y
757707-0033 0.95 T4 V-Band Free Float Y
757707-0034 1.06 T4 V-Band Free Float Y
757707-0035 1.19 T4 V-Band Free Float Y



Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Turbine Housing

Super Core, V Band .85 A/R, V Band .95 A/R, V Band 1.19 A/R, Div T4 .85 A/R, Div T4 .95 A/R, Div T4 1.06 A/R, Div T4 1.19 A/R