Edge Evolution CTS3



Fits 2018-2023 Ram 1500 5.7L


The late-model Hemi truck market has been waiting for the CTS3 tuning solution to arrive, and now it is here! The Evolution CTS3 is the industry leader in on-dash monitoring and now offers that awesome capability paired up with the Evolution tuning and the easy Edge PCM Swap process. With gains of up to 33 HP and 37 TQ, the Evolution tuning will wake up your truck and give you the performance and throttle response you’ve been missing. The CTS3 also offers a huge 5″ touch screen display, data logging options, performance tests, read/clear DTC options, and much more. Equip your truck with the CTS3 Evolution today. Late-model Hemi trucks require a PCM unlock in order to tune. Edge has made that process streamlined and simple. Included in the purchase of your Evolution CTS3 PCM Swap kit is a free cross-shipment of an unlocked PCM directly to your door so you don’t have any vehicle downtime. The first step is to fill out our PCM swap web form that will require some information from your truck like the VIN and calibration ID as well as product information like your serial number found on your CTS3 device. Then we’ll send you the unlocked PCM after you’ve filled out the web form. When you receive the unlocked PCM, simply install the new unlocked PCM, and send back your core to Edge with the included return shipper label* and we handle everything else. Once ordered, the following link can be used to initiate your PCM Swap https://www.edgeproducts.com/products/pcm_cross_ship/parts/PREAUTH-PCM 2018-2023 model year requires Gateway Bypass also included with purchase Return shipper label only provided in domestic US shipments.

  • 87 Octane 8hp/10tq, 91 Octane 26hp/22tq, 93 Octane 33hp/28tq
  • Calibrate for tire size up to 40″
  • MDS Enable/Disable
  • Auto Start Stop Enable/Disable
  • Speed Limiter Adjust up to 190mph
  • Adjustable Throttle Sensetivity up to 20% over stock
  • Traction Control On/Off
  • Adjust Idle Speed
  • Adjust Rev Limiter in Park/Neutral
  • Adjust Cooling Fan On Temp 150-230 degrees
  • Adjust WOT Spark
  • Adjust WOT Fueling

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 6.3 × 4 in