Banks Power Intercooler Tubing



Fits 2004.5-2009 Duramax Driver Side


Banks boost tube is larger than the factory pipe and designed to work with the stock elbow and intercooler to improve airflow, and allow the turbocharger to spool up faster.

Banks cold side tube has 60% greater flow area than stock tube. Produced from high-quality aluminized steel, the tube is mandrel-bent and constant diameter. This allows for quicker turbo spool. Better flowing intercooler tube improves retention of boost pressure (increases density) between turbo, intercooler, and intake resulting in maximum horsepower. Our red powder-coat finish stops before the end of the tube for better grip ensuring our 4- and 5-ply heavy-duty high-temperature silicone couplers hold tight under high-boost conditions. Spring-loaded constant tension clamps maintain a stronger grip to prevent leaks or blown boots.

  • Works with stock intercooler or aftermarket intercooler with stock inlet and outlet size and location
  • 60% increase in size and flow over stock (3.0 in vs 2.375 in)
  • Allow the turbo charger to spool up faster
  • Mandrel-bent aluminized steel construction
  • Constant diameter tubing for the best flow
  • 4- and 5-ply heavy-duty silicone couplers
  • Spring-loaded constant tension clamp
  • Greater cooling capacity
  • Perfect fit and finish
  • Improves airflow
  • Driver side tube
  • Lower EGTs

Additional information

Weight 10.5 lbs
Dimensions 39.8 × 11 × 9.8 in