Designed Specifically For Drag Racing

1997-2013 Corvette / 2010-2015 Camaro
Caliper mounting ears need to be cut off the OEM knuckles
OEM wheel mounting surface is moved outboard by 0.150″ per side
Camaro applications are not compatible with ABS system

When Using 15″ Wheels
Corvette: Requires aftermarket spindles
Camaro: Requires aftermarket lower control arms

Two Piece Floating Slotted Steel Rotors – Special *
• Isolates rotor from hat section
• Eliminates pulling forces that can result in cupped rotors
• Slots improve air flow, assist in warpage prevention and reduce weight

* See Instruction Sheet For Clearance Specifications

Four Piston Directional Calipers – B5002 / B5004
• Aluminum bodies drastically reduce weight
• 1.625″ & 1.750″ pistons vary pressure decreasing pad taper
• Stainless steel pistons resist corrosion
• Anti-rattle clips reduce brake pad vibration and noise

Aluminum Caliper Mounts
• Billet one piece design
• Eliminates bolts, spacers & nuts that require periodic maintenance

DTC-30 Semi Metallic Brake Pads – B5010
• Provides the best starting-line cold holding power
• Recommended for vehicles going 150 MPH or less in the 1/4 mile

Need More Wheel Clearance?
Evolution 4 Low Profile Caliper Option – OPRB10

Want Billet Calipers?
Evolution 4 Billet Caliper or Red Billet Caliper Option – OPRB07

Brake Hoses and Lines Are Not Included
Calipers are tapped 1/8″ NPT and supplied with a straight male 3 AN fitting

Use Teflon® tape or liquid on the pipe threads of the fitting
Leave a few threads from the tip uncoated
This will avoid depositing material inside the caliper
Torque fitting to 25 ft lbs