Strange Pro Series Front Drag Brake Kit



Fits 1997-2019 Corvette


Designed Specifically For Drag Racing

1997-2019 Corvette including ZR1
• Reuses factory wheel hubs
• Requires modification to knuckles *

* See instruction sheet

One Piece Forged Steel Rotors – B2792 / B2793
• Directional slots increase air flow and reduce weight
• One piece design eliminates bolts & safety wire
• Hat section drilled & milled to further reduce weight

Register Ring
• Adapts brake rotor to OEM hub register
• Positions rotor for proper caliper alignment

Four Piston Directional Calipers – B5002 / B5004
• Aluminum bodies drastically reduce weight
• 1.625″ & 1.750″ pistons vary pressure decreasing pad taper
• Stainless steel pistons resist corrosion
• Anti-rattle clips reduce brake pad vibration and noise

DTC-30 Semi Metallic Brake Pads – B5010
• Best compound suited for front application
• Excellent cold holding capabilities

Aluminum Caliper Mounts
• Billet one piece design
• Eliminates bolts, spacers & nuts that require periodic maintenance

All Necessary Mounting Hardware

Hubs, Studs, Bearings, Races, Seals, & Brake Hoses are not Included
Calipers are tapped 1/8″ NPT and supplied with male 3 AN fittings

Use Teflon® tape or liquid on the pipe threads of the fitting
Leave a few threads from the tip uncoated
This will avoid depositing material inside the caliper
Torque fitting to 25 ft lbs

Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 12.38 × 12.5 × 10.5 in