Ram 7″ Billet Clutch


7.0″ Billet Clutch


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RAM Professional billet clutches are engineered to provide the ultimate in clutch control. We understand these cars, and how to tune the clutch system to achieve optimum performance from the vehicle and the track. With your RacePak data recording computer, you are able to send us your runs, and we can help you analyze not only the clutch, but help you determine the changes to make your combination work best.

RAM billet clutches feature a unique lever design that allows for complete control of the centrifugal loading of the clutch. We design these levers using solid modeling that enables us to accurately predict the performance of the counterweight through the RPM range. Units are available in single, double, and triple disc versions utilizing either 5135 or 5191 compound iron discs. For your convenience, we provide a selection listing below that will help you decide which diameter unit is correct for your application. You may contact us directly for additional recommendations at 803.788.6034. Every RAM Professional billet clutch is custom built for your application based on the specifications of your car.

When ordering, please be prepared to provide the following information: Engine, crank flange, balance, ring gear tooth count, bellhousing, transmission, low gear ratio, spline, tire size, rear gear, vehicle weight, and any power adders. Please allow 1-2 weeks for standard ring gear configurations, 4 weeks for custom flywheels. All RAM billet units require a bellhousing depth of 8 1/8 inches or more.

Use: NHRA Pro Stock, Comp Eliminator, Sport Compact RWD

Weight: 25-31 lbs.

Pressure: 0-1440

Upgrade Options: 2 or 3 disc, fixed or floating yoke, TMT coating on friction surfaces, bronze floaters, titanium cover, pressure ring, and/or flywheel

Splines: 1 3/16-18, 1 3/8-10

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs