Nitrous Express Supercharger Lid Kit



Fits 2015-2021 Demon/Hellcat


This is the upgrade your Hellcat wants! The Billet Supercharger Lid for Hellcat/Demon applications replaces the factory supercharger lid for a quick and clean install. The improved airflow design of the lid ensures maximum flow and the placement of nitrous and water methanol passages provides huge increases in horsepower and torque.

The spraybar-less nitrous system injects nitrous and fuel in line with the supercharger air discharge so the fuel / nitrous mixture is swept evenly to each runner. Injecting nitrous into this pre intercooled  hot air discharge super-cools the air charge resulting in increased flow across the factory intercoolers for maximum power gains. As mentioned, this system is a “spraybar-less” design, which means that the nitrous/fuel passages are CNC machined into the lid itself so the spray pattern is in the perfect location every time.

The System Includes:

  • Ready to Bolt-on Billet Supercharger Lid
  • Billet Fuel Line Adapter
  • Lightning Series Billet Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Nitrous and Fuel Solenoids
  • Stainless Steel Braided Lines
  • All Wiring, Switches and Mounting Hardware
  • Jetting for 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300HP

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