Nitrous Express Instaboost Kit



EFI Instaboost Nitrous Kit


In the world of turbochargers things are not perfect. For drag racing applications you need a big turbo to make big power, but along with the big power comes a big problem, TURBO LAG! NX has the cure for turbo lag woes, the InstaBOOST turbo lag eliminator! This unique system comes on strong to eliminate that dreaded turbo lag but then ramps out the nitrous smoothly to let the mighty turbo do its thing. The end result is monster power with zero lag even with a HUGE turbo. The InstaBOOST is a low cost solution for your turbo lag woes. Featuring an adjustable 1-8 psi pressure switch to control the nitrous flow, it is sure to have you out of the hole faster than ever.

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No Bottle, 10LB, 12LB Carbon, 15LB