Nitrous Express EFI GENX-2 Package



Universal For EFI W/ Integrated Solenoids


The GenX-2 package includes the best accessories for your EFI nitrous system all put into one package. No need to mix and match parts, get everything you need with just the Gen-X2.

We include:

  • NHRA legal safety blow off fitting.
  • Blow down tube.
  • Fuel pressure safety switch.

The NX automatic pressure controlled bottle heater will keep your bottle pressure where you need it for bumper dragging launches and killer top end performance. We include a NX nitrous pressure gauge which features a color coded bezel allowing you to quickly verify if your bottle is in the optimum pressure zone. The Gen-X package includes relays, switches, wiring and all needed hardware to make the install easy and pain free.

For nitrous systems with integrated solenoids (like Coyote Plates and Ford 3-Valve plate systems).

Due to the adjustability of the pressure switch contained in this kit, it is compatible with all nitrous kits on the market. Easy to use set-screw for making pressure adjustments.

  • Can be adjusted from 900 P.S.I. to 1200 P.S.I.
  • Switch has a 50 P.S.I. working window for consistent bottle pressure.
  • Bottle Heating Element Specs: 240 Watts @ 12V, 312 Watts @ 13.8V, 425 Watts @ 16V
  • Pressure Switch Specs: 1/8 NPT, Pre-Set at 1050 P.S.I.

The Gen-X package includes the following part numbers:

  • #15940 Bottle Heater
  • #15508 Bottle Gauge
  • #11720 Fuel pressure Safety Switch
  • #11709 NHRA Blow Down Tube Fitting
  • #11708 Blow Down Tube
  • #15603 Nitrous Purge Kit

Additional information

Weight 4.4 lbs
Dimensions 17.5 × 10.4 × 2.5 in