Mountune Intercooler Upgrade



Fits 2019-2020 Ranger


  • Direct-fit for 2019+ Ford Ranger 2.3L EcoBoost
  • 27º F reduction in charge temperature compared to factory intercooler
  • 37.5% increase of in core volume over factory intercooler
  • 15-row bar-and-plate alloy core with cast alloy end tanks for improved flow characteristics
  • 4-layer Aramid fiber reinforced boost hoses for excellent heat resistance & strength
  • Satin black powder-coated finish aluminum parts for superior durability
  • Does not interfere with active grille shutters or adaptive cruise control
  • No drilling or modification required for installation featuring integrated mounting brackets
Mountune has more Ford EcoBoost powered vehicle platform experience than any other company resulting in proven performance backed by over 40 years of Motorsport DNA.
We used what we learned from developing the most powerful 2.3L EcoBoost Engine and the fastest 2.3L EcoBoost Focus RS to build our Heavy Duty Intercooler upgrade for 2019+ Ford Ranger powered with the 2.3L EcoBoost Engine.
The mountune heavy duty intercooler and charge pipe upgrade kit maximizes performance within the Ford Ranger’s restrictive package space. Our 15-row bar-and-plate alloy core boasts a 37.5% increase over the stock intercooler, and features cast alloy end tanks for improved flow characteristics
Our complete charge pipe assembly features a 2” diameter precision mandrel bent turbo charger discharge hard pipe with billet aluminum bypass valve mounting flange and 4-layer Aramid fiber reinforced boost hoses for excellent heat resistance and durability—from intake to outlet. Based on the OEM design our bypass valve mounting flange accepts the factory Ranger BPV as well as aftermarket replacements and diverter valves.
The mountune complete heavy duty intercooler upgrade for the 2019+ Ford Ranger is dyno proven with a 27º F reduction in charge temperature and 10% increase intercooling efficiency compared to factory intercooler.

Mountune has years of experience tuning Ecoboost engines, and we’ve used that knowledge to build our new Ford Ranger 2019 through 2021+ intercooler upgrade package. This intercooler is thicker than the stock unit, increasing total volume by over 35%. It also has cast alloy end tanks, which help the cooler withstand high boost pressures. The result is lower intake air temperatures and higher efficiency under load.

The Mountune intercooler upgrade includes charge pipes reinforced with four layers of Aramid fiber and hose clamps built to handle high pressure. Our charge pipe system now includes a turbo charger discharge hard pipe complete with bypass valve mounting flange. Everything fits in stock locations, so you don’t need to drill or cut anything for installation, and you can even reuse the OEM shroud and air deflectors. That makes this a bolt-on upgrade that’s ready to handle higher boost pressure as you upgrade your engine.

Technical Specifications

Core dimensions:

  • Factory Intercooler : L635mm x H251mm x D63mm
  • Mountune Intercooler : L635mm x H242mm x D90mm

Intercooler Volume:

  • Stock volume: 10.04 Liters
  • Mountune volume: 13.80 Liters

Performance Comparison : Original vs. Mountune

  • 205 deg F reduction in charge temp (27degF reduction compared to stock)
  • +10% intercooling efficiency compared to stock
  • Consistent (96-99%) intercooling efficiency under heavy load

Purchase Includes:

  • Mountune Performance Bar-and-Plate Intercooler
  • Mountune Complete Charge Pipe Kit
  • Mountune Heavy Duty Hose Clamp Kit
  • Bypass Valve Mounting Hardware
  • Mountune Logo Stencil

Additional information

Weight 36.2 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 16 × 10.8 in