Kraftwerks Supercharger



Fits 2018-2023 Mustang GT


Kraftwerks supercharger systems for the Ford Mustang 5.0L Coyote are proven to make horsepower while maintaining reliability. This kit further our coverage, built to fit the 2018 to 2021 model years.


In-house dyno tests have verified gains of 150+ wheel horsepower and 115+ pound-feet of torque on a stock Mustang. This translates to over 500 rear-wheel horsepower! More power can be made with more aggressive aftermarket headers, exhaust, and tuning thanks to the highly capable C38-92 supercharger unit.


The unique frictional planetary-drive supercharger unit is the heart of each Kraftwerks supercharger system. This centrifugal unit delivers boost efficiently with zero boost lag or spiking that is common in other forms of forced induction.


The units efficient design ensures low operating temperatures, resulting in a cooler, denser air charge and lower intake air temperatures. To ensure things stay cool and lubricated, the supercharger contains an internal pump for circulating supercharger oil through its own separated system. The included supercharger oil cooler keeps operating temperatures low even in the roughest environments.


Optimal air/fuel ratio is ensured with Grams Performance OEM-fit 52lb/hr fuel injectors that plug-and-play thanks the included electrical plug adapters. Tuning is required for proper operation of the system and can be acquired separately.


Each Mustang supercharger kit includes all necessary components for proper, 100% bolt-on installation that can be performed with basic tools. No metal cutting, drilling, or welding is necessary. CNC machined, powder coated mounting brackets securely mount the supercharger and divorced-belt drive components to the engine. All necessary aluminum tubing, couplers, and clamps are included and routed through factory access holes to the front bumper-mounted 24-inch intercooler. The included high flowing air filter ensures optimal CFM to support the supercharger units needs.


From idle to redline, this Kraftwerks kit packs more, reliable gallop into the Mustang with less strain on engine and drivetrain components.




  • Over 150+ wheel horsepower gain on stock vehicle*
  • Instant Boost, Zero Lag
  • C38-92 Supercharger Head Unit
  • Self-Contained Supercharger Oiling/Cooling System (No need to tap into existing Engine Oil Supply)
  • Comprehensive Design and Instructions (Designed to be done at home with capable technical skills)
  • Grams Performance 550cc/min. High Impedance Fuel Injectors w/ Plug-and-Play Connectors
  • Front Mount Intercooler (24 x 8 x 3.5 inch)
  • Aluminum Intercooler Charge Piping (rust/corrosion free)
  • High-Quality CNC-Machined Brackets and Pulleys
  • High-Quality Fasteners and Hardware
  • Colder Air Intake Temperatures compared to other Boosted Applications
  • Large-Port Bypass Valve recirculates air for efficiency


Additional information

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 24 in