King Coilover



2.0″ Coilover 14″ Travel W/O Spring


King Pure Race series coil over shocks and coil carriers have been highly refined in the most hostile racing conditions on the planet. Every aspect of their design has been optimized for all out racing. All King Pure Race series coilovers are custom made for your application to provide ultimate performance and uncompromising damping control.

King coil over shock bodies are machined with our own truncated thread design to produce ultimate strength and trouble free spring adjustments. Our three piece adjusting nut assembly has a unique pinch bolt design that offers superior clamping force to retain your coil preload adjustments without crushing the threads like set screw style collars do. It also includes an upper spring centering ring and nylon antifriction disc to make quick work of adjusting even the heaviest springs under substantial preload. Our machined billet nylon coil sliders maintain proper spring alignment and silent operation while withstanding temperatures up to 450 degrees. Progressive dual rate spring applications use a set of lockable secondary nuts threaded onto the body to allow precise adjustment of secondary spring engagement.

After plating we take the time to precision bore and hone our shock tubes to size within +/- .001 to insure cylindricity and a tight piston seal which maximizes flow characteristics and valving function. The “magic” all happens with the piston which creates the King ride quality that sets us apart. Our extensive knowledge of fluid dynamics has been put to use in the port designs on our cold drawn 2024 billet aluminum piston. The seals are made from Viton material to endure sustained high temperatures and the wiper seal is a carbon composite material that requires special diamond tooling to machine. King coil over shocks contain stainless alloy heat treated valve shims that remain stable at high temperatures to maintain consistent damping and avoid fatigue cracks like carbon steel shims.

Our large diameter shock shafts are case hardened to 60-65 on the Rockwell scale and then micro-polished to a 3 RMS mirror finish. The external hardness protects against rock bruising and the mirror finish enhances seal life. Our rod end attachment method has been in use for 13 years without a single failure. We hydraulically press the shaft through a threaded bung then tig weld the bung to the end of the shaft. The rod end is then threaded onto the bung. This design removes all threads from the external portion of the shaft end giving it incredible strength.

Shocks are mounted on both ends through replaceable Teflon lined steel spherical bearings. King Pure Race series reservoirs are the largest in the industry and feature threaded end caps to endure higher pressures and ease maintenance. Their lightweight aluminum construction aids in heat dissipation and will not rust due to condensation or gas charging contamination. We use only the best Aeroquip hoses and Parker fittings with our remote reservoirs. The Aeroquip hoses are extremely durable with the highest temperature and pressure ratings and are able to bend tighter without kinking like braided steel lines. Every part that goes into our shocks has been torture tested under brutal race conditions. We use only the finest materials available under strict quality controls and tight tolerances to insure the race winning performance and ride quality that King is known for. All this adds up to a level of control and precise adjustability that is unrivaled. Nothing rides like King.

Part# Description Type Details Weight Compressed length Extended length
RS2014-COHR 2.0×14″ Coil Over Hose Reservoir (w/o springs) 24.56 38.56

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 7 × 5 in