Haltech DC Motor Driver





Suits: Turbosmart Electronic Wastegates Varex Motors DC Motors

Includes: 1 x DC Motor Driver – DCMD 1 x DT02-2S with Pins and Wedge 1 x DT06-4S with Pins and Wedge 1 x DTM06-4S – with Pins and Wedge 1 x DTM04-4P- with Pins and Wedge 1 x Quick Start Guide

Notes: Works with Nexus Series, Elite Series and Platinum Series ECU’s Requires 2 x DPO outputs from ECU to control ( Active State = Low)

Native Turbosmart E-gate control limited to Elite and Nexus Series ECU’s Platinum Series not supported with this unique function, but outputs will drive this unit.

Additional information

Weight .46 lbs
Dimensions 10.2 × 6.2 × 1 in