Fire Bottle Fire System



20LB Fire System Auto/Manual


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The AMRC-2000 is a 10# automatic manual pull system. The bottle is made of aluminum, the dimensions are 18.95″ X 5.25″, and weighs 17lbs. Each AMRC has one line that would be automatically set off at 175 degrees and then 3 Manually operated nozzles. This bottle is SFI’d. The AMRC-2000 is the AMRC-1000 x2. 

If the automatic nozzle is deployed it does not activate the manual nozzles, and if the manual nozzles it deployed then the automatic nozzle is not activated by it.

The uses for the temperature are as follows (ALL SYSTEMS COME WITH 175 DEGREES UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE):

– 155 degree, it would be used for something indoors that would not typically get subjected to the heat of the summers.
– 175 degree, usually used for over the fuel cell, this is the system that NASCAR uses for protection over their fuel cell.
– 200 degree, typically used for well ventilated engines, such as motorcycles. Currently sold for drag bikes mostly.
– 286 degree, used for engine bays, or area that are subjected to high heat.

The system comes with the following:

1 – Filled 10# Automatic-Manual System
1 – Activating Head
1 – Pull Cable
1 – Discharge Adapter
3 – Nozzle Adapters
3 – Nozzles
2 – Tubing Tees
1 – Discharge Tubing Roll
1 – Aluminum Mounting Bracket Plate
2 – Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 29 × 13 in