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1400HP Fits 2016 Camaro SS


CHEVROLET 2016 CAMARO (ONLY) SS 1400HP Level 5 Direct Bolt-In Axle

With the 5th gen cars, we realized that by having a plunging CV on both ends, there was an angle limit that can be run before the axle bar became unstable and moved back and forth causing undue wear. We will be using our fixed outer so as the cars are lowered and the angle becomes greater this will not be an issue. The Fixed outer is a Billet Chromoly housing and full billet Chromoly internals. The Axle bars will also be larger, the one on this axle is a bit bigger than the 5th gen 1.170. The DSS axle will have the 300m Bars with rolled splines and ground centers that will allow the bars to torsionally twist but not break.  We WILL NOT be making them in the Anti-Wheel hop style for this reason!  Wheel Hop should be addressed at the source (bushings, mounts, ect) when this is done correctly you will need axles that will be of equal strength. Being this axle from the Factory will more than likely handle so much power it would be unwise to make the axles any other way in our opinion.

Warranty: 1 year

Additional information

Weight 23.5 lbs
Dimensions 36.4 × 5 × 4.3 in