Driveshaft Shop Pro Level Axles



Fits 1993-1995 RX-7


Vented Boots, Polished Internals, High-Temp. Grease.
-Upgrade requires more frequent maintenance and is recommended for Track Use Only-

93-95 RX-7 FD Pro-Level Axle/Hub kit. The Pro-Level axles use our new larger diameter aerospace grade axle bars. Equipped with larger 33 spline outer CV’s and wheel hubs to accommodate the larger splines and ARP extended studs. This kit also features our 108mm Porsche-style inner CV joints with our bolt-on inner differential stubs. ABS rings are not included, but the outer CV’s are machined to accept the factory ABS rings. The axles are complete and ready to install. They do not reuse any of the factory CV’s. Everything you need to make your FD drivetrain handle serious power.

Warranty: 1-year!

Additional information

Weight 73 lbs
Dimensions 50.7 × 22.4 × 17.6 in