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2000HP Axle Fits 2015-2022 Challenger/Charger


2015+ Dodge Demon/Hellcat/SRT8 2000HP Full Chromoly Level 5 Direct Bolt-In Axle (Needs Qty 2 For Set)

Now available from The Driveshaft Shop, the new 2000HP Hellcat/SRT8 axles! If you want the very best and strongest axle available for this platform, this is it. The inner and outer CV have been developed to use a modified Porsche style 108mm CV that uses fully REM polished internals. Our torsional 300M Chromoly axle bars have been used in every record-breaking IRS car out today. Inner and outer CV’s are our new 2-piece billet flanges with a 300M spline section to fit into the differential and wheel hubs. They do not come with the ABS / Tone rings on them but are machined for you to easily transfer over the rings from your stock axles. They are a direct bolt-in and there are no modifications needed for installation.

Warranty: 1-Year

Additional information

Weight 27.6 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 5.2 × 4.6 in