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1600HP Non Electric Diff Fits 2014-2019 Corvette


2014-2019 CHEVROLET Corvette C7 1600HP Direct Fit Axles (For Non Electronic Differential Vehicles Only) ( Requires Qty 2 For A Set )

Well it did not take long for anyone to start pushing the Hp of the C7 corvette above breaking the axles, to be honest there not a whole lot different than the C5/C6 axle, you know the ones we have supplied for about every record breaking Corvette including the World Record Holding Carlyle Racing Atomic Fusion (6:82 and this past week end did a 1.08 60ft time) Record broken not parts is what we like to see, why would we take time to test it when there in so many fast cars, we wanted to make sure it was 100%. Checking it over and over. We have used the new material on the inner CV so the stock seal on the diff can be re-used (older models can be fit with this also) this has the larger center bars with billet chromoly cage and races along with some of the best grease on the planet so no need to worry if you road racing, this will make it a pleasant experience for both road and track, We realized with the onset of suspension manufacturer’s using larger shock body’s that the CV needed to be at least as small as the stock one if not smaller so we shortened the flange so any aftermarket one would fit 100%

Excellence and ready to ship here from DSS

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Weight 27.8 lbs
Dimensions 47.8 × 6.2 × 6 in