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3.5″ aluminum driveline for 2010-2012 Camaro w/ V8 and manual trans


Available now for the 2010+ Camaro is our 3-1/2 aluminum shaft with CV . We have done extensive testing with stock rears and with our 9″ kit and believe this to the the most cost effective trouble free drive shaft for the Camaro available today. The shaft will come with our signature billet plates for each end so you done have to go in to the rear taking a chance on upsetting the crush collar (see below for billet plate VS changing to a Pinion yoke below) Our shaft comes with a 300m stub system mounted into a billet aluminum plate to ensure not only strength but lighter weight than the normal way of doing this type of end (look closley at the CV end its not all steel) The shaft only weighs 17lbs and come with special 12.9 uber strength hardware with back up lock nuts to ensure no loose bolts.

 You will have to remove the heat shield from above center hanger mount to install a 3-1/2″ shaft there is a possibility of clearance issues with aftermarket exhaust, This is a general warning, we have 9 test shafts out and not one had an issue. I have listed this because not all exhaust systems have been tested. (our Carbon fiber shaft will be made from 3-3/8 and not the 3-3/4 like other manufacturers)

 There seems to be a debate on a yoke VS a billet plate, here is our take on this. This is what was posted to a question about it on another Forum

those billet drive shaft couplers dont make vibrations???

No not at all, in fact the way the pins stick out of the trans and diff show just how straight it can be. The pins are ground with the bearing surfaces on the trans and diff (if you remove this pin for any reason and have a problem you cant go back to stock or our verified system) so its an exact center line. the billet plates are machined on center and the flanges mount at a larger diameter and pilot making it better than any u-bolt style yoke. We have recently done extensive testing with our new balancing machine with Roush/Fenway on a vibration problem NASCAR has been having. If you have ever seen a race team set up a rear end they use a ball mount that sits where the u-joint mounts to check the run out on The pinion yoke, all yokes have run out. They check them to make sure they are not beyond tolerance (and quite a few are) with the plate and flange we have been able to get a more concentric center line, in fact when we tooled up the new balancer (spins 9500rpm) we ended up using flanges instead of yokes because each time the yoke was taken off and remounted it was not with in tolerance for the balancer (centering on the splines). The flanges hold true no matter how many times they are re-mounted. Roush took a few flange samples with them to make pinion mounts for the flanges


  • 2010-2012 Chevy Camaro w/ V8 and manual trans


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