Deatschwerks Fuel Rails With Crossover



Coyote 5.0 Fuel Rails with Crossover for Ford Mustang V8 2011-17, and Ford F-150 V8 2011-17


DeatschWerks has expanded its fuel rail product category to include two popular modern-muscle applications: Ford Mustang 5.0 Coyote and GM LS1/LS6. A clean-sheet CAD design process has produced two new fuel rails that offer higher flow, more plumbing options, and several unique features that go beyond what is currently available in the market. Quality, Performance, and Flexibility are what the customer has asked for, and DW has delivered…

Quality – DW fuel rails are CNC’d from billet T6061 aluminum and hard anodized in a black finish. The new DW rails were designed with integrated CNC brackets; less expensive bolt-on brackets save money but lack stiffness and precision. In addition, DW engineers invested significant design time removing excess material to shave weight and create a sleek signature look resulting in a rail that looks as good as it performs.

Performance – DW fuel rails outflow the competition with -8AN ORB inlets and outlets utilizing bore diameters that exceed AN spec by 80%. In addition, only DW rails feature bottom-mount 3/8” NPT ports for low-profile fuel pulsation damper integration – which decrease noise and pressure fluctuations in dead-headed and returnless configurations.

Flexibility – DW fuel rails are engineered for use in both return and returnless configurations. This flexibility allows you to buy once and buy right, future-proofing your rails for build stages yet to come. The DW rails also feature 1/8” NPT top ports and 3/8” NPT bottom ports which allow integration points for nitrous, pressure gauges, fuel pulsation dampers, and other rail accessories. A Schrader Valve is included with each set for easy and accurate fuel pressure data logging during tuning sessions.

Additional information

Weight 2.9 lbs
Dimensions 18.1 × 8.4 × 6.6 in