Deatschwerks X2 Series Fuel Pump Hat Module



X2 Series Module for 2011-19 Ford Mustang


DeatschWerks 9-000-7030 2011-2019 Mustang GT X2 Series Fuel Pump Hat Module

Two trends have been colliding in the performance aftermarket recently… the trend away from in-line pumps and towards fitting pumps in the fuel tank (where we believe the best place for a pump is), and the ever-present trend of making more and more power (1000+ hp builds are becoming commonplace). These two trends have been driving multi-pump in-tank hangars. It’s not uncommon to see 3 or even 4 in-tank pumps in today’s high-power builds. It is great that these pumps are in-tank where they belong, but the current multi-pump hangar systems on the market actually leave a lot to be desired. The OE module they replace does a lot more than just fit a pump in a tank; it offers filtration, fuel level sending, saddle tank fuel transfer, and surge tank functions, which allows use of your last 1/8 tank of gas even in high G cornering or acceleration. The pump hangars on the market today delete many, if not all, of these functions in the name of cramming multiple pumps into the tank.

The new DeatschWerks X2-Series Mustang Module is now available for the 2011-2019 model years, which includes accommodation for 2 pumps (39mm or 46mm diameter pumps– your choice), integration of a return fuel line, and retention of ALL the functionality of OE module. The DW X2-Series Mustang Module consists of a top-hat, center section, and OE lower bucket. These 3 components work together to deliver the flow you need and the OE functionality you want.

The top-hat section is made of anodized T6061 Aluminum and has a -10AN feed and -6AN return. A set of M5 stainless bulkhead wiring studs ensure your pumps get all the current they need to maximize flow. There are also electrical bulkhead connections for the fuel level sending unit. And of course, the top-hat fits the OE module retaining ring with enough clearance for all wiring and fuel lines.

The center section is anodized DW orange and is specially designed to fit both 2011-14 and 2015-19 mustang lower buckets. The o-ring friction fit provides a secure fitment of 46mm fuel pumps (i.e. DW400), and an adapter insert is provided to fit standard 39mm fuel pumps as well (i.e. DW300 and others). Fuel pump spacing in the center section also allows fitment of 55mm bell-bottom fuel pumps. The module is available in 2 different PN’s: 9-401-7030 includes dual DW400’s which combine to flow in excess of 800LPH to support more than 1500HP and PN 9-000-7030 which is a lower-priced option and allows a BYOP approach (bring your own pumps) by including the adapter for 39mm and 46mm pumps.

The customer’s OE lower bucket is retained in the X2-Series module and is easily installed onto the DW center section without any cutting or modifications, allowing a full return to stock later, if needed. By combining the DW top hat and center section with the OE lower bucket, all OE functionality is retained so customers can confidently send-it at fuel levels of 1/8 tank and beyond.

The X2-Series module is for use in return-style fuel systems only. Therefore, plumbing in return lines, regulators, filters, etc. is a requirement. To make this process as easy as possible, DW has created 4 different plumbing kit options that include everything needed for a full return fuel system customized to your needs. The plumbing kits are available in -8 or -10 feeds and with CPE hose or PTFE hose.

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Weight 3.3 lbs
Dimensions 10.4 × 8.9 × 8.7 in