Universal For Infinity ECU


The AEM EV PDU-8 Power Distribution Module is an affordable solution for controlling switched devices like cooling fans, multiple fuel pump stages, nitrous solenoids, shift lights, etc., on motorsports vehicles that are using the Infinity ECU programmable standalone engine management system. This CAN-based solid-state control module eliminates the need to install fuses and relays for the switched functions that it operates, and lets users mount an automotive PDU-8 closer to the subsystems they are controlling, which simplifies wiring, reduces weight, and increases reliability.

Our 8-Channel Power Distribution Unit provides CAN-directed switched power to the various systems by receiving its commands directly from an Infinity Series 3, Series 5 or Series 7 ECU, eliminating the need to create complicated logic programming in the PDU. This makes them easy to configure, and easy to troubleshoot. InfinityTuner software using v96.5 or later firmware includes a Wizard for simplified PDU-8 setup.

Four 20A and four 10A high-side 12V outputs for activating/deactivating various switched devices
Module is fully sealed for installation close to switched controls, simplifying wiring and reducing weight
CAN-commanded PDU, no logic programming required for PDU operation
Small size and lightweight (103x67x33mm/4.05×2.70×1.5”, 190g/6.7oz/0.42lbs.)
Fully-sealed, waterproof billet-aluminum enclosure

PDU Channels 1-4 are simple on/off functions, with a dropdown selection on the Wizard page. Use the Wizard to set the Overcurrent and Retry settings.

PDU Channels 5-8 include duty cycle tables. Users can select the table axis in the wizard but must configure the table values manually in the layout. Note that some raw Digital and Analog inputs can be selected for the table axis.

The output frequency is fixed at 100 Hz.

Please review the InfinityTuner v96.5 Firmware Release Notes for more information about PDU-8 integration when using an Infinity ECU (pages 10-12).

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 7.3 × 5.6 × 2.7 in